Your obligations

If your company is responsible for packaging, you have a take-back obligation as well as an obligation to provide information to the authorities.

But in practice you often no longer possess the packaging waste from your products, as this waste is in your customers’ bins. In this case, you are required to:

  • record and quantify the packaging for which you are responsible.
  • contact the customers to whom you have supplied your products, so that they can prove that this packaging has in fact been recycled or recovered.
  • compare these two information flows and prove to the authorities that you have individually reached the specified rates (80% recycling and 85% recovery)

An exercise to be repeated each year.

Even if the packaging waste remains within your company, it is not easy to collect the documents to individually prove that the specified rates for recycling and recovery have been achieved.

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You want to know whether the legislation on industrial packaging applies to your company?  
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