Which category does your company belong to?

Some unpackers are also responsible for packaging and therefore they must also comply with the legislation on industrial packaging.

If you have doubts, please use this test as a guide:
find out if you are responsible for packaging and/or an unpacker.


Do your accounts contain invoices for the purchase of industrial packaging material or do you have products packaged by a sub-contractor? yes no
Do your accounts contain invoices for the purchase of
products from foreign companies?
yes no
Do you unpack products coming from foreign companies as a sub-contractor for another company (you do not own the goods) OR is the company placing the order outside Belgium? yes no
Does your company’s business generate packaging waste which remains on your premises? yes no


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In the new accreditation (which came into force on 01/01/2008), the Interregional Packaging Commission required that VAL-I-PAC should NO LONGER pay incentives to industrial unpackers which could not prove that, as responsible for packaging, they were complying with the provisions of the Cooperation Agreement. Consequently, these companies no longer receive incentives from VAL-I-PAC.